Further trials

A Thursday evening paddle was quite revealing of the boat's behaviour in a gentle swell.  I have to say it is not something I find comfortable.  The slightly veed hull gives it a tendancy to be twitchy and the swell, which ordinarily I would have had no problems with in my Avocet, made me feel unsteady.  Despite the fact that it has quite good secondary stability which I knew would come into effect if it went too far, constant twitchiness had me correcting it all the time (tiring). 

There are a number of things which need sorting out; 

  • The cockpit coaming is too wide and too high for effective rolling (to the back deck although it is fine for forward finishes)
  • cockit is too roomy for comfort
  • Thigh hooks work fine but are a bit hard on legs so need a bit of widening and some softening.
  • I want to round off the hull profile a bit more and create a flatter area to sit on
  • I have a broken stringer (fell off my sawhorses while in workshop) so needs replacing
  • foredeck is too high

All of the above can only really be addressed by removing the skin and then replacing with a new one.  This is not all bad as it will give me a chance to sort out my seams which I was not entirely happy with and stitch some loops to the deck for lines etc.  I also want to add some blocks beneath skin on the back deck to attach a jam cleat and fairlead for a towline.  At the moment I am doing some work on the workshop itself but when that is complete I will make some modifications.